For Corporates

You already know how important interpersonal skills are for your business, so the question is: why choose us?

Here are some very good reasons based on analysis of feedback given by over 1,600 people who've come to one of our workshops:

  • Content 82%
  • Presentation 88%
  • Usefulness 83%
  • Enjoyment 84%
  • Interactivity 83%

When asked whether the workshop had been worth their time, 97% said that it had, and over 95% would be happy to recommend the workshop to colleagues.

Most of our workshops are 'in house', but if you have only one or two people you need to train, do look at our open workshop calendar.

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I attended the Science of Networking workshop, run by Tony as part of the Amey Talent Management Programme. Tony's personable nature and enthusiasm for the subject is contagious making his style of training informative and engaging. A valuable learning experience and one I would recommend.

Tamsin Bovenzi, Management Systems Co-ordinator, Amey