• Have you been tasked with planning one or more events and would appreciate some professional help?
  • Could the events you already run be more effective for you and more enjoyable for attendees?
  • Do you want to raise the profile of your organisation among key influencers?

The fact that we teach networking skills means that we are the right people to help organisations set up and run the best possible networking events - for increased sales, a more dynamic profile, or simply to facilitate networking among which people enjoy, and want to attend.

Simple, you might say. Easy as falling off a log.

But stop for a moment, and think of the many events you've been to which just didn't work - for you, for other attendees, or for the hosts. Events at which you didn't make the contacts you'd hoped for. Events which were a waste of your valuable time. Events where the physical environment wasn't conducive to relationship-building. Events which were embarrassingly poorly attended. Events which must have cost the organisers a substantial amount of money but brought them few tangible (or intangible) benefits.

Why do these things happen? Running a good event isn't just a question of logistics. It also requires an in-depth understanding of the networking process. What makes people (the right people!) want to turn up? How can you help them establish relationships? What's the best physical environment and type of event through which to achieve your goals?

Most event planners focus on impressive, one-off events. We specialise in smaller scale networking events, the purpose of which is relationship building rather than the conspicuous consumption that characterises so much corporate entertaining. Our demonstrable understanding and experience of how networks really work, and the hurdles people face when they try to network more effectively, makes us your natural partner.

Whether you are a business school seeking to improve the effectiveness of your alumni community, a professional organisation wanting to add value for your members, or a business wanting to raise your profile in the marketplace and generate new leads, we at Management Advantage are ideally positioned to help you achieve your goals.



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