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Communication skills are key to employability

Tailored for Universities and Business Schools

Top business schools and universities are increasingly recognising the importance of interpersonal skills to the job search and career success. In the footsteps of Goleman’s seminal book Emotional Intelligence, studies have shown that interpersonal skills are at least as important determinants of success as ‘hard skills’ such as knowledge, information and intelligence.

Research into MBA recruitment by TopMBA has demonstrated that while soft skills are highly valued by employers, recruiters consistently feel that students underperform in these areas. Specifically, the gap between what employers want and what they get is highest for interpersonal and communication skills (followed closely by leadership skills and strategic thinking).

And finally, alumni are a crucial resource for any institution. Yet helping them stay in touch both with the organisation and with each other is no easy task. Providing databases, events and forums are undoubtedly important, but possibly not sufficient if alumni don’t fully understand either the benefits to them of staying in touch and how to actually do it.

Why choose us?

We have over a decade’s experience helping students (and alumni) realise that in the world of work, it’s people that matter most. We work with students, alumni and staff from many of the UK’s top business schools and universities, as well as institutions in Finland, France, Eire and Denmark.

We consistently receive excellent feedback. Usually, over 95% of workshop participants think attending was time well-spent, and would recommend the workshop to colleagues. You can’t really ask for more than that!

Recognising that a very definite ‘skills gap’ exists, many forward thinking schools now offer our training to help improve their students’ job prospects and, by extension, the school’s ranking.

Great feedback

  • Content 82% 82%
  • Presentation 88% 88%
  • Usefulness 83% 83%
  • Enjoyment 84% 84%
  • Interactivity 83% 83%

Thank you so much for such an excellent, informative and helpful session. I am already starting to put my new found thinking into action and can’t wait for the results.

Dr Patricia Livsey

Associate Dean, City University, London

Probably the most interesting and informative workshop I’ve ever been to!

Alla Khakimzynova

MBA student, Cass Business School

Exactly the kind of inspiration and practical advice I was looking for to get my networking skills delivering for me.

K McLuskie

Foreign & Commonwealth Office













A guide to making – and keeping – the connections that make your, our and everyone else’s world go round.

The book walks you through everything you need to know about connecting with other people.

Judith and Tony’s goal in the book is to get away from the manipulative ‘working a room’ concept of networking. Instead, they use the results of research into human interactions coupled with real case studies to justify the hints, tips and suggestions they propose.


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